GTA: The Lost And The Damned – Seems Well Worth Every Cent

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So the first round of Grand Theft Auto IV’s DLC is finally out and it looks as if it is well worth the money.

I headed over to Metacritic to get an idea of how the DLC is being received by critics and I was quite amazed to see that it is currently sitting on an average score of 90/100.

Even with local rates as well as the cost of bandwidth to download the DLC, The Lost and the Damned looks like a great purchase, and one that is now actually available to South Africans as well.

What really sold it for me is down to just how many reviews said that the DLC was so rich with content that it felt more like the type of expansion that could have been put on a disc and sold for a much higher price.

Even the lowest score of 80/100 by Eurogamer impressed, with the reviewer saying that “Instead, it’s approaching the kind of package most developers would have few qualms about boxing up and selling to you full-price as an entirely new game.”.

So, who’s getting it, who’s got it and who’s thinking about it?

Last Updated: February 18, 2009

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