GTA V character transfer is a little broken

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If you haven’t already noticed, this week is more packed than your suitcases for the upcoming holiday season. Just today sees the launch of both Far Cry 4 and the new and improved GTA V which, which brings all the open-world murder mayhem to current-gen consoles. Unfortunately, it’s also bringing along some last-gen problems for good measure.

One of the better reasons to upgrade your GTA V experience is the ability to import saves over from your old version, which will allow you to hop into Los Santos without a hitch. Except that there is a pretty major problem with the system now, and it’s affecting anyone who hasn’t tried out GTA Online before.

It seems like anyone who hasn’t given it a go might run into a wall when trying to transfer character data over to the new version. Trying to access GTA Online on older consoles also doesn’t remedy the problem, although Rockstar is already aware of it.

“We are urgently looking into an issue preventing character transfer and GTA Online login on accounts that haven’t played GTA Online since 2013.”

There isn’t a fix yet, meaning you’ll have to start from scratch if you’re looking to get any game time in today. If you subscribe to Rockstar’s support page, you’ll get an email the moment things are fixed though – a little bit of decent customer support from a developer, for a change.

Still, it’s yet another AAA game with a day-one patch that still manages to have issues at launch. Does this affect your plans to re-explore the online version of Los Santos today at all? Or were you planning on a clean slate anyway? Let us know!

Last Updated: November 18, 2014

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