GTA V comparison shows you which console version looks the bestest

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By now, most of you are re-cruising through San Andreas, taking advantage of a bump in textures while Trevor takes advantage of a bump of coke inside GTA V. There’s no denying that GTA V looks simply marvellous with some proper horses under the console hood. But more importantly, which console does it look better on? Who gets to take home the bragging rights?

Digital Foundry has a nice wrap-up on the two console versions so far as well which as usual is well worth a read if you’re into the the more technological side of the game and how it has evolved:

At first blush, we’re looking at a very similar release to the Xbox One version – with only one really noticeable difference, the implementation of a lens flare effect that appears either absent or dialled back on Xbox One. Frame-rate is confirmed at 30fps, though the rare dropped frames seen on Xbox One are even less of an issue here.

We started our Xbox One playthrough directly after re-familiarising ourselves with the game via a couple of hours of PlayStation 3 gameplay, and the sense we get from the new title is that it’s a brighter, crisper reworking of the original that eliminates the vast majority of the original release’s technical shortcomings. The Xbox One version’s consistent update is a radical departure from the lacklustre performance of its last-gen siblings – gameplay is mostly locked at 30fps with just minor fluctuations beneath its target. Curiously, despite a consistent update, judder can manifest a little during gameplay – a curious effect.

If you don’t have time for all that performance analysis talk, then here’s a quicker comparison video from Gaming Bolt:

If there is a difference between the two console versions, it’s tighter than a plastic nun’s backside. Besides some incremental lighting effects painting a slightly different picture, I genuinely can’t see much of a difference. Of course, this will all be moot once the PC version arrives next year and the modders get their hands on it. That’s going to look like something else entirely.

Last Updated: November 19, 2014

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