GTA V copies are on their way to stores right now

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We’ve already reported that GTA V had gone gold and now there can be absolutely no doubt left that the game is ready to play as someone working in a courier company decided to take a peek inside some suspicious delivery boxes.

According to imgur user, meunbar, he works in a shipping warehouse when 71 crates arrived that were tagged as high dollar DVD’s. Being the nosey, and not the most integrity-laden employee, he (or a friend) decided to take a box cutter to the boxes to see what was inside.

And lo and behold they found what looks like a limited edition case for Grand Theft Auto V.




Obviously this doesn’t mean ours have arrived in South Africa yet and wild horses wouldn’t be able to drag that information out of Megarom but there is absolutely no reason to think that we are going to experience a local delay at this time.

Last Updated: August 30, 2013

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