GTA V copies released early

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It look like Amazon in the UK has accidently released their copies of GTA V early with some gamers in the UK showing that their copies arrived yesterday already.


Granted it could be some elaborate ruse but if you continue to follow that gamers twitter stream the following two tweets appear



So are you one of the lucky ones that received their game early, what do you think of it? Has it lived up to your expectations?

Last Updated: September 15, 2013

Gavin Mannion

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  • RincemySniperKittEH0-O

    Amazon are going to be in a world of trouble if this is true… But I would think if they made a mistake more people would have received the game, not just two…

    • Yep you are wrong! Shush

      • Melasco

        That kid is way to young for that game lol. Oh well, lucky for us his terrible teens wont be our problem…

        • Itsnobigdeal

          Eh, I was playing vice city when I was around 5 or 6 and I’m not so bad. Violent games and movies have very little impact on a majority of the population besides serving as entertainment and an outlet for boredom.

          • Melasco

            I know, I know, thats exactling about it ๐Ÿ™‚

          • do do

            what kind of word is exactling?

          • Melasco

            Fixed it ๐Ÿ™‚ No idea what happened there lol

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            … he said while glossing over the 4 dismembered corpses buried in the back yard. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Martin du preez

    Lot of legal buyers that got it early will get ban hammered on XBL for playing early ๐Ÿ™

    • RincemySniperKittEH0-O

      I don’t know hey. If it’s the retailers who released it early the customer is under no obligation to sit on it till the 17th.

    • Alex The Cuttlefish

      Well, technically you can just play it offline. Just to be safe. Because GTA Online won’t come out till October anyways.

      • Marc O Polo

        they will still pick up that u were playing it… its a bit of a grey area, if i was rockstar i would just not allocate any special and collector editions to them for there next game, not sure if they actually have any legal avenues to go after amazon with…

        • nemo

          You wouldnt allocate any special editions or collector editions to the largest online retailer in the world? ha. GREAT business model

          • Net

            People are going to buy their games regardless of where they have to go to buy it. They can afford to cut off amazon completely and in my opinion they should if amazon cant even release it on the right day.

  • Diggler

    I got mine on PS3 yesterday morning (from Amazon). Pretty good so far!

    • Marc O Polo

      guess amazon said a big fuck you to rockstars request that they only ship on monday…

      • BetterNowThenDaysLate

        I would too, its bad business because if they ship monday it will never be here by tuesday!

        • Marc O Polo

          there is a thing called having relationships with a suppliers, to blatantly ignore there request without negotiating a compromise is blatantly disrespectful. the invoice on the pic above shows the invoice date as Thursday, and from what i hear most people got theirs on sat, 2 working days so if they had shipped them on fri they would most probably arrived on Tuesday,

    • dave

      i dont have mine yet but mine was shipped saturday so hopefully will be here monday! (now is monday because it is 2am) only around 10 hours till i find out if i got it a day early!

  • oomjan

    Well I see that you can already pirate the game so i think they pirated it

    • Marc O Polo

      been a torrent up for xbox from about thursday… xbox games always seems to be online for download before the game is actually released

    • Marc O Polo

      and here is the proof…

      • William Semple

        HaHa! You tell them accusing mutha fuckers!!

      • coco

        how do you not pay shipping charges?

  • ZackFirst

    Lol pc release?? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mick

    its fuckin quality, got it yesterday. opening mission is pretty cool, its a flashback to 9 years ago doing a heist

    • Someone who dislikes you

      Why do you have the need to spoil everyone else, asshole!

  • Mathias

    Some gaming site should really do some research about the console banning on Xbox. Especially regarding tomorrow. I get it if they ban people playing it now or yesterday, but with 1 day (specially with the different time zones and shit), it would be intersting to reach someone over at Xbox.

    My 2 cents? They only banned people with flashed consoles. GTA V draw MS’ attention toward them. That’s the rule I’ve been seeing on many forums…

    • Marc O Polo

      if you bought a copy through a legitimate source i do not see how they can ban you, amazons mistake not yours…

      • Mathias

        I know, dude, but the paranoia around the internet has been really funny. Someone smoked a little bit too much in anticipation for this ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s why I’m saying some light shed on the subject would be appreciated by most people (people that don’t stop to think straight about stuff lol)

    • PlayItNoBan

      They cannont ban you if you have a legitimate copy on a legitimate console. Now where in the Microsoft Terms of Service does it say they will ban you for playing a game early. They have done it before to halo players but then fixed the bans afterwords. The only reason you will get banned it posting footage of you playing the game, thats against the copy right. But if you have it now, play it and make all your xbox live friends jealous!

  • Brian Murphy

    Actually saw a twitter conversation between Shuhei Yoshida and a PS3 owner. The guy had gotten the game early in the mail, and was asking if he’d get banned if he played it early. Yoshida responded with ‘unlikely’.

  • illdisposed

    Got my copy on Saturday. Havent stopped playing it since then. Its awesome.

    • TK4EVA47

      Special Edition, getting that one too, you lucky bastard ๐Ÿ™‚

    • illdisposed

      And I live in Namibia!

      • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

        In Namibia there are no rules… You get your game when ever the hell you want! #YOLO

    • Where on earth did you get that from? cause that’s not from Amazon

      • illdisposed

        I could tell you…but then (you know the rest)

  • Decko

    they did send them out lol my m8 got his this morning

  • dave

    i feel sorry for the people that didnt pre order and will be doing the midnight launch crap lol

  • TiMsTeR1033

    I honestly am happy that many people got Gta v before it was the 17th, but what I am freaking pissed off beyond words is these stories about the car damage. I found so many people saying its crap, then found some thatโ€™s great like a train practically crunching the car. All I wanna know is the damage decent, not perfect. Please for the love of god, someone with Gta v share this info with me.

  • Islandhobbit

    This is what I have to say about the subject. I did get the game early but if It had not of been posted on Friday I would not of got it till Wednesday as I live on an island and the post ain’t that reliable over the weekend for most people. To be honest when it said dispatched on Friday I thought it would not arrive till Monday – Tuesday not Saturday that’s never happened before. Anyway either way not everyone is going to get it at the same time and not everyone lives on the mainland!

    • Islandhobbit

      I meant Wednesday – Thursday not Tuesday – Wednesday lol

      • Mage Control

        who did you order from that ships to Namibia?

    • Brady miaau

      Is your island, say, England, or other?

      sorry, sorry, I know you said not reliable over weekend, but how could I resist?

  • Brady miaau

    What happened to the old days, get DVD a week early, but cannot play till online server grants permission?

    Like with Civ V, got early, installed, but would not work till Steam Authenticated it and that was midnight.

    I suppose as I type this, I see that increases pre-release piracy. I suppose. But still

    • TiMsTeR1033

      In the future, games will all only start when they flip the switch online. In a way Iโ€™d prefer that, I mean some people have finished Gta v already or close, Its really not cool.

      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        That’s the way it works on Steam. Usually you can preload a few days in advance of release date, then once release date is hit you download the last couple of mb & off you go.

        • TiMsTeR1033

          See in many ways thatโ€™s the better way to go. Btw how was your weekend man? Rince gonna have a huge babbelas today ROLF!

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            It was good thanks. Finished first playthrough of Mark of the Ninja – sweet little game, should definitely get it if you like side scrollers. Witcher 2 installed for a 2nd playthrough starting tonight. And the best team in the world ever managed to win a game with 14 players, unlike the other game I will not mention.

            You have a good one too?

          • TiMsTeR1033

            I was going to get Mark of the Ninja, how is it? The ironic thing is, I have had Witcher 2 for a long time yet never bother to play it.

            My weekend was okay, only downside watched too many Gta 5 leaks, now really worried about the car damage.

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            It’s really good. Dropped 9 hours into it, probably could have been faster if I didn’t replay sections to get them 100% right lol. Unlock a new game + when you’re done that’s supposed to be much harder. But I’ll give that a go once the DLC is on special too.

            What’s wrong with the car damage? Too realistic?

          • TiMsTeR1033

            Damage seems like its been downscaled. I seen videos where it looks like total crap and others that look great. So right now praying it is similar to Gta IV. I mean in one video leak guy rams his car against a garage door and car is fine no dents no nothing.

          • osiris2711

            That is because he must’ve upgraded his car with Reinforced armor frame… so less impact damage…
            i repeat that the car damage is very similar to other GTA games unless you upgrade your car.

          • The Noble TiMsTeR

            Thanks man that is great to know! I have one more question, How many animals have you seen?

          • osiris2711

            elks, mountain lions, foxes..and dogs…only these so far

          • osiris2711

            some improvements so far…

            1) Shooting mechanics have vastly improved..the headshot impact and animation is way better compared to GTA IV

            people who say driving sucks..well not at all..3 hours into the game
            and you will know how good driving in GTA V is compared to the other
            GTA series..In the beginning everyone is a nooob.

            3)the one thing
            GTA IV lacked was mission variety due to lack of vehicle variety…
            that is not the case here.. Each and evry mission. Including all the
            side mission are great fun..(from cranes to Planes.each and every
            vehicle and machine out der in the real world is there in GTA V)

            For those of you wanting to know about car damage.. well its almost as same as other GTA games..

            Expect Slightly better GTA SA experience with GTA IV graphics

            well these are my impressions so far…

          • osiris2711

            oops i almost forgot to mention one more thing about car damage
            The Car damage directly affects how your car handles
            for eg..
            On some occasions if you smash your car..The car wheel might get damaged and will start shaking so your car will hover left and right while you drive..unless you repair you car..
            so this is just one of the types of car damages you may get..
            Personally i would say its better than other GTA games

          • The Noble TiMsTeR

            That is good thing to know, but how destroyed can your cars become? I mean if you crashed into cars with a truck will they look the part?

          • osiris2711

            yes they will look the part..
            if you smash you car badly expect ur front bumper to fall apart or ur hood to fly off (similar to other GTA games)
            Only difference is what i said in my above post it affects you handling of the car as well.
            Also Note that Reinforced Body armour etc will reduce the impact damage(Which is what u saw in any videos up i.e car getting smashed but no visible damage)
            so if you upgrade you car you will get less to little damage from big impacts..
            and as the damage is less it wont reflect that much on your car

        • Brady miaau

          see what I know!

          Only ever bought old games off steam, normally pre-order (If I break my own rule!) from online sources, get a DVD.

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            Luckily I have a decent line, so when I used to pre-order it boiled down to price. Never understood why some games were $50 on Steam, but R350 on disc.

          • Brady miaau

            And how games like Heart of the Swarm are still full price now.

            I sometimes do no get the pricing models and wonder if sometimes is pure laziness.

  • Kaya

    Apparently it’s available for purchase at Bruma in JHB. Probably copied copies which is very sad.

    I am happy to wait until tomorrow, if just barely.

  • DrKiller

    I wonder if he is going to get banned from XBL for playing his legal copy already. There was a guy banned on Friday for playing his downloaded copy, so I’m not sure if M$ will be able to tell the difference.

  • hairyknees

    Is it on PC yet? NO? Well then no I don’t have it :'(

  • Specter

    Got my copy early, just picked it up over the counter. M in Switzerland though smaller retailers could give a crap about release dates

  • ryan stewart

    I got it on saturday – it is brilliant but GTA online hasn’t launched yet

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