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GTA V DLC to be region locked

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Of course GTA V was going to get DLCs. Now the Rockstar Support page has indicated that those DLCs will be region locked.

According to the Rockstar Support Page,

It is generally recommended that you buy and play games that are designated for your country to avoid potential problems with DLC region-compatibility, such as with pre-order bonuses. […] However, if you live in Europe […] you will likely have a European PSN account that will not be able to redeem a US pre-order code, and will only be able to download Region 2 (European) DLC, incompatible with non-European discs.  

I’m honestly not sure why that would go this route, especially for digitally distributed content. Shouldn’t the content be the same? As long as you have a copy of the game, I don’t see why they would restrict who can download from where. They have insisted that nothing was cut or changed for the various reasons, but now I’m getting a bit suspicious. If you have already purchased the game, why should it matter the region for a DLC?

As far as DLCs are concerned, what are you hoping for from the studio? Would you like to see more episodic content in expansions? I still get irritated with DLCs – the game hasn’t even released yet, just put all the extra awesome in to start with!

Last Updated: August 13, 2013

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