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GTA V is going to be a massive seven disc game on PC

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I don’t think there’s any clearer example of how gaming has changed distribution models over the years, than the example found in the PC industry. Think about it: Years ago, you’d pop down to an actual shop, buy a big box that was jammed with various maps, pamphlets and goodies (FOR FREE), head home and install it. These days however, everything is digital baby! But for the physical PC release of GTA V, that franchise is keeping things old school.

That’s according to the Russian version of the game, where the following picture of the hard copy release was snapped and posted on Reddit:


It’s bulky, massive and it’ll most likely be a minor inconvenience to install. Sweet Christmas, I love it. Another image was posted on Twitter yesterday, further sealing the legit deal:

There’s just something that I like about having a big box that sits on my shelf. Something to show off, to be proud of. And judging by the size of that box, it looks like the talk of GTA V being a 65 gigabyte game on PC was no joke. Hell, the remastered version is over 50 gigabytes on my PlayStation 4, while the Xbox One version requires you to duct-tape several Microsoft consoles together according to intelligence which is probably very, very wrong.

But having a vintage box like that displayed in my gaming area? I’d freakin’ love to put it next to my original Mortal Kombat, Wing Commander and Final Fantasy 8 displays. I know you guys also have a display or two of your own. Soun ‘em off in the comments below.

Last Updated: April 9, 2015

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