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GTA V is going to be bigger than ever

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With the digital issue of Game Informer now out, comes a ton of new GTA details. Speculation, rumours and hearsay be damned, because now the game has some solid release details. And let’s just say that GTA V is aiming to be as ambitious as ever. Will it succeed? Read for yourself, after the jump.


Here’s a list of details from Kotaku;

  • Rockstar says that the Los Santos of GTA V will be bigger than any other environment that was in previous games such as Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto IV combined .
  • Some of the locales included will be a military base, wilderness and an underwater level to explore. 
  • The three protagonists pictured above, are from left to right, Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Michael is a former bank robber lured back into the crime business, Trevor is a repeat offender and drug user and Franklin is a young con-man.
  • Players can switch between the three, “at nearly any time.
  • Situations will call for the three leads to work together occasionally, which will also allow players to switch between them during missions.
  • Each character has his own set of friends, skills and a personality to match, and when you’re busy controlling the one, the other two will wander off to amuse themselves.
  • GTA V is set in the same world as GTA IV and Liberty City, so expect a few familiar faces to return. Major characters from previous games won’t make an appearance though.
  • Similair to Red Dead Redemption, random dynamic missions will be back in GTA V, and will include hitchhikers, muggers and corpses.
  • There will be friendships. There will not be any romance.
  • An in-game economy will be present, with which you can buy stuff. Property not included on that list.

And here’s some more from NeoGaf;

  • In-game vehicles will include trucks, BMX and mountain bikes, ATVs, helicopters, cars, WaveRunners, dirtbikes.
  • Heists are a major part of the game.
  • Players can customize their look to a certain degree, but not in the highly detailed way that was present in San Andreas.
  • Missions will be more detailed, while side missions will have a touch of Red Dead Redemption complexity to them.
  • Better driving controls have been promised, as well as improved shooting mechanics.
  • Melee combat has also been refined to be more satisfying.
  • Players can base jump, play tennis, a full round of golf, and participate in yoga, triathlons and jet skiing for for fun.
Bonus stage! Screen grabs from the issue, courtesy of OneHitPixel:

It’s hard to believe, but the previous GTA game came out in 2008. Since then, the sandbox genre has evolved much further, from the superb lunacy of Saints Row, through to the Hong Kong fisticuffs of Sleeping Dogs.

But it sounds like Rockstar is building on from what their previous games have created, for GTA V. And honestly, if they release a title with the gunplay of Max Payne 3, the dynamic breathing world of Red Dead Redemption and a scope that is biblical in scale, we could have a winner on our hands next year. Plus improved driving mechanics, which is something that GTA IV was sorely lacking. I swear, it was like driving a car that had sausages for wheels.

The key factor here though, will be focus, as believe it or not, too many gameplay angles can be a bad thing. We’ll just have to wait until the middle of next year to see if the franchise manages to evolve itself once again.

Last Updated: November 9, 2012

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