Heist heist baby

In GTA V, heists form a large part of that gameplay experience. But if the unholy trinity of Trevor, Michael and Franklin were smart, they wouldn’t target banks. They’d go for video games, because that’s where the real money can be found. Especially when it comes to post-launch content.

It’s public knowledge by now that GTA V cleared the billion dollar mark in sales, but the money won’t stop flowing there. GTA Online is up, running, tripping and corrupting save files at the moment, but for those of you who can play it, there’s microtransactions to dip into. And DLC of course.

Digital goods analyst SuperDataToday took a look at the game, and guesstimated that GTA V will be bringing in $165 million in the next year in DLC profits alone. They’re estimating that microtransactions will net Rockstar Games another $41 million as well, as players pimp their rides and their avatars.

That’s a staggering amount of cash, for a game past the usual first month launch period. It’s the kind of money that publishers like EA and Activision can only dream about, and actually sounds rather accurate. “This isn’t the game’s next billion dollars, as some have supposed micro-transactions will make Take-Two,” Superdata said on their report.

It is, however, a successful foray into the microtransaction world for a console title. Games like Borderlands 2, though with an admittedly smaller player base, saw just over $10M in total digital content revenues in its first year.

There’s more number-crunching and the like through this link, which also predicts that GTA V will make over $437 million during a five year cycle. Pretty bold, but then again, also possible. Especially if said DLC is actually worth the purchase.

Last Updated: October 2, 2013

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