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GTA V Map and release date leaks out

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With 2011 almost as finished as my emergency bottle of Jack Daniels journalistic inspiration, its time to look towards 2012, and the horizon seems bright indeed. We’ve got trilogy-enders, new trilogy-starters and some interesting new reboots and new ideas on the way, but one game that has everyone excited, has to be GTA V.

Details surrounding the upcoming return to the roots of San Andreas are spotty at best, but now it seems that we might just have an idea of when it will release, as well as a map showing off the future sandbox.

Major US retailer Walmart has listed the game as a June release, which would line up well for Rockstar, considering that Max Payne 3 comes out in March. Spacing a release date like this would maximise sales in different financial quarters for the publisher, and create less competition for itself.

As for the map, it seems that another insider has leaked secrets, as screenshots of the Vinewood map begin circulating. It looks quite similar to previous GTA maps, so this could be the real deal, but don’t count out the possibility of Rockstar changing it before the game finally ships.



Last Updated: November 17, 2011

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