GTA V Online deals with cheaters in explosive ways

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Now that Heists have finally arrived for GTA V Online, Rockstar’s servers are unsurprisingly busier than ever. That means more pew pew, more vroom vroom and definitely more cheaters ruining the previous two for everyone else. Cheating is prevalent in any online game, and it’s the way developers treat it that’s far more important. And Rockstar have basically nailed it down to perfection.

An exploit in GTA Online is allowing some players to import vehicles from their single-player campaign into the online universe, which is causing all sorts of issues for fair play and balance. The heavily armored muscle car, Dukes O’Death, is at the center of this exploit, and Rockstar hasn’t let it go unchecked. But rather than just kicking players from servers without real consequence, they’ve implemented something a little more inventive.

Should you manage to get the car imported into an online session, you’ll have a far more difficult time actually trying to use it as the video above shows. As soon as you try entire the vehicle, it explodes into a fiery mass of man and machine – and deals you a healthy serving of monetary fines and humiliation. Easy way to teach those that cheating isn’t fair in GTA Online, although murder is still par for the course.

More exploits and hacks are bound to surface when GTA V finally launches on PC this time next week, so Rockstar better be on their toes. Heists will be available on day-one, which is really the only consolation for the master race having to wait this darn long for some quality GTA action. You can begin pre-loading your pre-ordered copy already, and keep the below trailer on repeat until next week Tuesday.

Let’s just pray it’s a better port job than GTA IV.

Last Updated: April 7, 2015

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