GTA V using Nvidia Gameworks on PC?

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GTA V using Nvidia Gameworks

While it’s perfectly fine to argue between whether AMD or Nvidia is the better video card purveyor, it’s a bit different when games start forcing you into making some of these choices. Take Nvidia Gameworks for example. Nvidia has had its hand in a lot of recent games, adding in some neat functionality for their card users and, unintentionally or not, making it a bit of a nightmare for the AMD crowd. Is GTA V next on the list?

Nvidia has started punting Rockstar’s money-maker over the weekend, with the game now listed with specific Nvidia features on the manufacturer’s website. GTA V will support Dynamic Super Resolution, or DSR, to help render the game at 4K on smaller monitors, as well as native 4K support and DirectX 11 features. Neither of these three are exclusive to Gameworks titles, but a fourth listed feature, TXAA, is.

TXAA is Nvidia’s exclusive method of anti-aliasing, which is meant to bridge the gap between regular FXAA and MSAA without the performance hit. Games with TXAA support are Gameworks titles, with Nvidia helping the development team implement their features in the final product. Having it listed with GTA V is a telling sign that the game was created with Nvidia Gameworks – although Rockstar has never mentioned it in the past.

Previous rumours also suggested that GTA V would make use of the Mantle API, something that neither Rockstar or AMD ever confirmed. Still, it’s nowhere to be found, and probably won’t be if the game is indeed making use of Gameworks. It is, however, odd that HBAO+ and PhysX aren’t listed either, as that would definitely confirm Nvidia’s hand in the development process.

So is GTA V actually using Gameworks? It’s tough to say, but right now it’s definitely apparent that Nvidia is getting the better side of the deal when it comes to supported software. Whether that factors into your purchasing decisions is up to you.

Last Updated: February 9, 2015

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