Guerrilla working on additional Horizon Zero Dawn story content as sales top 2.6 million

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Horizon Zero Dawn sales top 2.6 million 2

Horizon Zero Dawn is without a doubt one of the best PS4 games ever to release, and is likely to be a strong contender for many Game of the Year discussions in a few months. The new IP from Killzone developers Guerrilla Games has also been a sales success, with Sony revealing that the new franchise debuted with the strongest sales figures of any original Sony published IP in PS4 history.

Taking the first two weeks of sales into account, Sony reports that Horizon Zero Dawn has sold in excess of 2.6 million copies worldwide. It’s not only a monumental achievement for Sony published games, but for Guerrilla Games themselves, with Horizon becoming their best selling title at debut in studio history. For comparison’s sake, uncharted 4 (the fourth core title in an incredibly well received franchise) sold 2.7 million during the same two weeks in May last year, which only serves to show just how well Horizon has done for a new IP.

Speaking on the game’s success, Guerrilla studio head Herman Hulst was thrilled with the sales, and expressed his excitement at getting to explore the franchise more very soon.

We’re thrilled that Horizon Zero Dawn has been embraced by critics and players alike. Developing the game was a labor of love, so it’s extremely satisfying to see that it elicits the same passion and enthusiasm from the gaming public that we felt during its development. This is only the beginning of Aloy’s story and our exploration of the world of Horizon Zero Dawn, with the team already hard at work on an expansion to the story.

When that new story content is coming is up in the air right now, as Guerrilla have yet to formally reveal anything just yet. I’m hoping the Uncharted approach is looked at here, with a self-contained side story sounding like an enticing way to explore Horizon’s world a little more. Perhaps something focused on Sylens, who is by far the most fascinating character next to Aloy.

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If you haven’t yet got your hands on Horizon Zero Dawn but have a PS4, what are you waiting for? Better yet, it’s one of those games that should entice you into buy a PS4 in the first place.

Last Updated: March 17, 2017

Alessandro Barbosa

You can all call me Sandy until I figure out how to edit this thing, which is probably never. Sandy not good enough? Call me xXx_J0k3R_360degreeN0Sc0pe_xXx. Also, Geoff’s a bastard.

  • YES! Omg, I love this game so much! I put it right up there with Witcher 3. More is good!

    • Captain JJ

      No. Witcher 3 wasn’t exclusive, so it’s not the same. 😛
      Seriously though, this game looks damn excellent and it’s a real pity that exclusives exist. Would’ve loved to try this and certainly would’ve bought this.

      • HairyEwok

        I believe you’ll be able to try the game on your PC through some Sony service being released later. The service basically streams the game through cloud technology to your PC.

        • Captain JJ

          Then I will try it!

          • HairyEwok

            Be warned. Apparently you’ll need one mighty internet line to stream the game.

          • Captain JJ

            Then I will not be able to try it! XD

  • Captain JJ

    This would’ve been an interesting game to try out if it weren’t a filthy exclusive.

  • Only 2 more months then I can get it 40% off… *laughs mechanically” !

    • Captain JJ

      laughs mechanically? Like BB-8 beeps? But the happy beeps, not the sad beeps.

      • Well everything seems to be mechanical in Horizon xD

        • Captain JJ

          Yea. I got that part. Just wondered what kind of robot you would be 😛

  • Fnuik
    • Captain JJ


      • Fnuik

        It really is beautiful. I keep finding myself looking for vantage points where I can just stand and look at the splendor. Could have been much further in the game if it wasn’t for all the site seeing.

        • Captain JJ

          That’s when you know real effort has gone into a game.

  • Banana Jim’s Final Form!

    I want this game so badly!

  • Mike Doutchevitch

    Love this game. Never enjoyed Killzone, so I didn’t have high expectations. Took me by complete surprize. One the best games I have ever played.

  • Peter Pan

    Finished the game last night! Maxed out Aloy at 50, completed 90% of the side missions (didn’t feel like the Hunting Ground missions), saved the day, and now I await the DLC. It was a glorious game!

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