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Guide to Classes, Skills and Raids in Destiny 2 for Beginners

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Getting into the world of the MMO shooter Destiny 2 for the first time, many players think that everything is quite simple – only three classes and not so many ways to develop a character. But in Destiny 2 it’s important to understand game mechanics, major expansions and seasonal events, raids and PvP activities, otherwise you’ll miss out on a lot of content just by shooting monsters in the initial locations.


  • Story quests and contracts
  • Strikes

Story quests and contracts

The best source of experience for your character. To take the first quest, you need to go through training and the system itself will tell you where to find the NPC and take your first task. Often the first tasks are not difficult and require only to run from place to place and kill your first monsters.

Quests will seamlessly tell the story of the world of Destiny 2 (more details), introduce the player to key characters, and reward the character with experience, equipment, higher quality weapons, and special ammo that will increase shooting efficiency and target damage.

Contracts are special secondary tasks that are available to the player. Available from a special NPC in the main city – tasks are daily, weekly and monthly. Each type of task is focused on secondary actions from the player – killing special monsters, shooting from special weapons, headshots and other requirements. Quests do not have a quantity limit, but will require Glimmers to complete, so this leveling method can be considered as an exchange of money for experience.


A raid is a more complex type of strike, but with a number of serious differences.

Players must defeat more difficult bosses with a much greater variety of difficulty levels.

Depending on the difficulty of the raid, many more players will be required. The most difficult – mythical dungeons will require at least 15 characters to successfully complete.

Best of all, Legendary gear comes from this group of raids, which are diverse and players are presented with a wide variety of choices from every update that comes to Destiny 2.

Players who, for various reasons, cannot take part in such difficult raids due to a lack of players or equipment, but want to get all the benefits of experience and legendary weapons and armor can order destiny 2 raid carries SkyCoach with a guaranteed passage and transfer all the loot to the character from professional players who will do all the work themselves, and the player will only need to gain experience and everything that will be dropped from the boss.


In total, there are three main classes in Destiny 2, which should be selected strictly based on gaming experience and style of play.


A defensive-type warrior who combines the role of a knight in heavy armor with steel fists and a close-to-mid-range shooter.

With the right pumping, the Titan goes into the role of a tank and keeps monsters and enemies in PVP, but also combines the role of a damage dealer, which will deal damage to enemies that come too close.


Shooter at medium distances and part-time analogue of the magician from other MMO projects. The Warlock can deal AoE damage and debuff enemies, as well as heal and buff allies.

With the right leveling, the Warlock becomes a shock AoE class, without which no raid or PvP masses can pass.


A long-range shooter and master of grenades and close combat. The Hunter, a strong strike unit that deals heavy damage to a single target when the Titan provides it with security, and the Warlock heals and weakens opponents.

With the right pumping, a hunter can be turned into a full-fledged sniper, who deals huge damage from a long distance and does not even give the enemy a chance to approach him due to smoke bombs.


Each character can choose the path of development for his class. Three key areas are available:

  • Sun
  • Lightning
  • Emptiness

Depending on the choice, the key skills and orientation of the character will be converted.

For example – a titan who has chosen a direction – lightning will be able to attack nearby targets with the help of a new element. So the titan becomes dangerous for anyone who tries to come close to bring down the protective shield.

A Warlock choosing the void will be able to buff already powerful AoE attacks, which will now have a much stronger effect on targets without special protection.

A hunter who prefers the sun will be able to concentrate energy on one very powerful shot. When combined with a sniper rifle – a lethal mixture in PVP and in raids.

Check out the official Destiny 2 Twitter for the latest updates on the game – https://twitter.com/DestinyTheGame

Last Updated: December 29, 2022

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