Guild Wars 2 combat footage

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I must admit I was a little late to the Guild Wars scene; the thought of joining an online MMORPG was always somewhat intimidating. But in early 2008 I picked up a copy of Guild Wars Night Fall and to this day I have on the warpath through this awesome online world.

We have already seen around a thousand trailers, a few million developer diaries and enough sexy character art to turn even Nick on… to MMO’s that is. So even if I stand alone in this, getting a brand new ten minute combat trailer for Guild Wars 2 gets me all giddy inside and that much more excited for the November 2, 2011 release date.

Taking place 250 years after the first game, Guild Wars 2 introduces all new weaponry, machinery and this time puts all the focus on you. Dive into the free online world of Tyria, design your character, their race and profession, and watch the decisions you make spin you off into completely unique storylines and directions.

We still have a bit of a wait on our hands, but come November, a whole new world of all-powerful dragons and un-dead armies marches onto PC’s across the country! I can’t wait!

Last Updated: March 10, 2011

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