Guild Wars 2 is confirmed for consoles. Again.

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Guild Wars is a different sort of MMO. Its most important distinction, I think, is that it has no subscription fees, and isn’t built on a free-to-play or freemium model. Buying the game allows you play it online for as long as you like, with the same available gears and perks as everybody else. There’s also none of that Microtransactions nonsense.

Buy the game, play it with your friends online. Done. Seems like the perfect MMO for consoles.

NCSoft has  previously said that it has a small team working on a possible console version – but has now confirmed that Guild Wars 2 is coming to consoles.

In an investor call, the game’s publisher’s said, when asked about a console version,  that "When it comes to Guild Wars 2 as we have announced already, we are in the preparation stage."

When asked by Eurogamer for classification, an ArenaNet representative said "Currently ArenaNet is focused on making GW2 the best PC MMO ever released," so it’s unlikely that a console version will be released at the same time as its PC counterpart, which is scheduled for later this year. At this early stage, there’s obviously no mention of which console platforms the game will be coming to, but is pretty interesting to note that back in 2007, NCSoft inked a deal with Sony to provide games exclusive to its platforms, notably the PSP and PlayStation 3. If that deal is in effect for Guild Wars, there’s a very real possibility it could end being a console exclusive.

“NCsoft has established itself as one of the preeminent developers in the online space,” said Sony’s Riley Russell at the time. “Their track record of creating successful online games is exactly what we are looking for as we grow the PLAYSTATION Network, delivering new, rich experiences on both PS3 and PSP. SCEI’s hardware leadership matched with NCsoft’s extensive online experience are the hallmarks of what is sure to be a fruitful relationship for both companies, ultimately benefiting our core audience — the gamer.”

With Microsoft’s stance on MMO’s on the Xbox 360 and how very closed a system Xbox Live is, it’s entirely likely.

Last Updated: February 16, 2012

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