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Guile is coming to Street Fighter V this month

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There are few things I hate going up against in Street Fighter more than a really good Guile player. While his range of attacks seem limited, with just that sonic boom and the flash kick as his specials, he’s great for turtling, keeping a defensive position and shutting out your attempts to zone in. Gosh, I hate that blond, brush-haired bastard.


And he’s coming to Street Fighter V. Though pictures were leaked a day or so ago, Capcom’s now released a trailer showing how Guile will work in Street Fighter V. And I’m more terrified of him now than ever. For starters – and this is really troubling, disconcerting stuff – Guile can now keep his moves charged, but edge forward, making him a bit of a snapping turtle, I suppose.

He’s coming in Street Fighter V’s April update, along with a modern take on his Street Fighter II Army base stage. Coupled with that music, it’s magical – but a haunting reminder of what and absolute and utter bastard Guile is.


In the trailer you’ll get a look at his V-Skill. It’s a stationary projectile called Sonic Blade that’ll bolster his already dangerous regular Sonic Booms. He’s also got a V-Trigger that will no doubt cause me migraines. Called Solid Puncher, it lets him throw out waves of Sonic Booms at varying speeds.

Lastly, there’s his Critical Art and “most devastating attack.” Called Sonic Hurricane, it sees Guile “powers up and hits his opponent with a massive, multi-hit Sonic Boom”.

He’s free to Season Pass Holders, who’ll also get the stage, while those who don’t wish to pay real money can earn him by paying 70 000 Fight Money. Inpatient? You can also buy him with the game’s magical currency, Zenny which costs real-world money.

Street Fighter V’s April update will also put an end to the rage-quitting problem, and fix a few matchmaking issues.

Last Updated: April 20, 2016

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