Guinness Names Mario As World’s Most Popular Game Character!

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Shocked and surprised? Yeah, me neither. The world’s most iconic and beloved video game character, Nintendo’s plump plumber has now officially been given that accolade, thanks to a user poll run by the publisher (and maker of that black liquid that powers all of Ireland).

Mario came out tops, garnering more than 10% of the entire vote. Haha, suck it, Sonic fans! Your esteemed speedy blue erinaceid barely cracked the top 10. Top 10 after the jump, accompanied by a delightful video detailing the Guinness Book of World Records – Gamer’s Edition 2011, which is available in book stores now.

Here’s the top 10:

1: Mario
2: Link
3: Master Chief
4: Solid Snake
5: Cloud Strife
6: Pac-Man
7: Lara Croft
8: Gordon Freeman
9: Kratos
10: Sonic the Hedgehog

What do you think? Agree, disagree?

Last Updated: January 24, 2011

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