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Guitar Hero 6 Gets Detailed

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OXM has released details of the as-yet-not-officially-announced-but-we-all-knew-it-was-coming-anyway Guitar Hero 6. From the sounds of it, Neversoft is trying to take the general feel of the game back to that of the series’ most commercially successful title, Guitar Hero 3.

While I’m pretty much over instrument-based rhythm games they do make for some of the most drunken party gaming fun it’s possible to have…With regards to video games, anyway. Let’s take a look at the new features and see if they’re enough to revive interest.

  • Back to basics approach
  • Past Guitar Hero characters return
  • Recruit each character by playing their song sets
  • Unlock their alter-ego and gimmick (Lars becomes Warrior Lars, and Allows you to get a x6 multiplier)
  • Quickplay feature revamped
  • Carry over previous DLC
  • Streakers, Momentum, Do or Die now available in online competitive modes
  • New Power Challengers
  • Queen, Kiss, Black Sabbath confirmed
  • Quest Mode features Gene Simmons as narrator
  • Sustain open notes when playing bass
  • CBGB is the only real-world location to appear
  • No real-world celebrities as playable characters
  • Much bigger focus on rock ‘n’ roll

The biggest things are obviously the new Quest mode and the renewed focus on Rock. While Guitar Hero 5 had some cool party features like easy drop in/drop out, it suffered from a pretty dull setlist. Let’s hope that the more rock centric Guitar Hero 6 uhh…rocks.

It also looks like Activision have No Doubt had enough of lawsuits, as there’ll be no playable celebrity characters.

Source : Gonintendo

Last Updated: May 17, 2010

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