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Guitar Hero III demo bundled in Tony Hawks Proving Ground

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So it looks like the Halo 3 / Crackdown bundle is going to start an evil trend…

For all you Guitar Hero fanatics, if you want to get the opportunity to test out the latest installment of Guitar Hero III an entire 2 weeks before the general masses then put in your pre-order for Tony Hawks Proving Ground now…

As Dust Welsch (Head of publishing at Red Octane) says

Music is such a huge part of skateboarding culture and pairing the Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock demo with Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground makes perfect sense

Or in other words they see this as a great way to move Tony Hawks in light of the recent threat Skate has become…

Anyway back to the details the demo will feature 5 tracks which are Lay Down (Priestess), Even Flow (Pearl Jam), The Metal (Tenacious D), Hit me with your best shot (Pat Benatar) and Rock you like a hurricane (Scorpions)….

Nope nothing there to make me need to get the demo 2 weeks early, but then again I am not a fanatical GH fan…. Any takers?

Oh GHIII is multi-platform but this deal only applies to the Xbox 360 version.

Source: Activision PR

Last Updated: August 27, 2007

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