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Guitar Hero Live makes you a real rockstar

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Guitar Hero used to be one of the biggest games out there. It enthralled tons of people who learned to play their faux plastic instruments to perfection. Of course, the game itself offered little more than rhythm gaming to songs we loved. Now, it’s coming to the new generation of consoles and gamers, and it’s bringing with it a deeper experience.

Coming at the end of the year, the game offers two game modes: Guitar Hero Live and Guitar Hero TV. Guitar Hero Live lets you take the stage at a variety of venues ranging from small clubs to main stage at an outdoor festival performing in front of REAL (read: realistically simulated) crowds. It’s got that whole first person vibe and even your band mates will crap on you if you don’t play well. Here, watch the video and get some stage fright.

It seems like Guitar Hero Live is the career mode, letting you play in front of live audiences as you work your way up through the music industry. If, however, you just want to play along to your favorite songs and challenge your friends without getting first person stage fright, there’s Guitar Hero TV. With hundreds of music video available at launch, you can play along to your favorite songs and watch their music videos.

The all new controller is designed to be easier to pick up and more challenging to master. While it looks incredibly cool, I can’t hear people’s praise for it over the sound of people smashing their old plastic guitars against screens around the world.

Oh, and the game will also be available on mobile… something that could be cool but sounds rather odd to me. Here’re a bunch of pretty pictures so you can see more about the game.

Guitar Hero

I’m happy to see the return of Guitar Hero, although the fact that it doesn’t have backwards compatibility with old devices is going to be a problem. The competition, Rock Band, is also relaunching and letting people use their old plastic controllers. Those things were expensive back in the day, and people invested quite a bit of money in the various guitars. Of course, this was a bit of an impossible decision for Activision – if they didn’t change the controller everyone would just say it was an easy cash grab on new consoles, but by changing it, people rage about needing to fork out more money for a new experience.

I think this could be a very cool new approach to Guitar Hero. It’s scheduled to come to Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3 and mobile in the northern hemisphere fall (our spring). Personally, I find RockSmith to be cooler thanks to teaching you how to play a real guitar, but Guitar Hero offers something different that people will love, too. Just be careful:

Last Updated: April 15, 2015

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