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Gul’dan is now playable in the Heroes of the Storm PTR

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Geoff claims that Heroes of the Storm is dead, but I say NAY – Blizzard’s MOBA is definitely alive and well! It’s just that some traitors have abandoned ship and gone off to play that other stupidly addictive shooter that rhymes with clover crotch. Others meanwhile, have resisted its devilish charm, and continue to wreak havoc in the Nexus.

If you’re one of those diehard, loyal fans, you’ll be happy to know that two new characters are on the way. The first is playable is right now already as a matter of fact, in the Heroes of the Storm Public Test Realm.

Are you ready to spread some fel magic and hurt others (and yourself) as Gul’dan? Yes? Good! Here’s his hero spotlight, which shows exactly what tomfoolery you can get up to as ever evil Orc Warlock.

Few mortals have had as much effect upon the cosmos as Gul’dan. Even as a young Shaman his desire for power knew no bounds. Pledging himself to the demon lord Kil’jaeden, Gul’dan became the first Orcish Warlock. With the aid of his dark master’s gifts, he corrupted the orcs and created the shadow council, setting in motion the invasion of Azeroth.

Now, a storm is gathering within the Nexus, and darkness incarnate has come.

Gul’dan really lacks in the stun department. Were it not for his horrify ultimate (which I really think I’m going to choose every single time), he would have zero utility. He more than makes up for that though, with his damage. Thanks to his life tap ability, Gul’dan can keep his mana source topped up sufficiently which can then be used for constant harassment.

Harming himself is necessary actually, as the warlock has zero mana regeneration. Thankfully, he can keep his vitals in check with the use of his drain life ability.

I quite like Gul’dan’s kit – I’m excited to see how he fares in the Nexus (one day when I stop playing Overwatch). What about you? Are you excited to play as the Orcish Warlock?

Last Updated: July 6, 2016

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