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Gundam Versus is coming to PS4 this September

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Gundamn versus (1)

If seeing 200 tons of awesome in the form of a giant robot gets you hot under the collar, you have one anime franchise to thank for that: Gundam. Not the original series to feature big bad bots as titanic suits of armour, Gundam is nevertheless the series that propelled the idea of modern day mech knights into the mainstream, creating a franchise that has lasted for decades in its homeland of Japan.

Gundam isn’t just a swell collection of anime series (Turn A Gundam and the 13th MS Team being two of my favourite underrated classics), its also made a natural transition to video games over the years with numerous titles. It’s making a comeback in the west this year, as the first true Gundam game in many a year is busting out of Japanese arcades and is headed to PlayStation 4 on September 29. Yes I know the Vita got Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS-Force last year but I don’t like to talk about that game.

Gundamn versus (1) (2)

That’s the news straight out of the Anime Expo this weekend, as Bandai Namco revealed that Gundam Versus would be bringing its trademark 2v2 and 3v3 action to the PlayStation console. Sort of like For Honor, but infinitely better because giant robots and enough crazy lighting action during a battle that borders on giving you a seizure trumps vikings and samurai.

Apparently built from the ground up, there’ll be 90 mech suits to jet around in, based on designs from 17 of the various Gundam anime series. Multiplayer will be designed for up to six players while the single-player mode will indeed be offline. All of this, with a moveset that includes Boost dives, dashes (AHAAAA!) and steps to keep your mech mobile in an environment that reflects the devastation that you unleash.

Sounds like some Gundam good fun.

Last Updated: July 3, 2017

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  1. So what kind of style do you prefer to play with in the game….
    Oppa Gundam style!


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