Gunpoint developer shows off new game

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Did you like Gunpoint? What’s Gunpoint? Bah, never mind, the developer Tom Francis has a new game coming out! For those who don’t know, Gunpoint was a stealth puzzle platformer with a noir style to it. His new game is called “Heat Signature”, and it involves a sci-fi theme and sneaking on to randomly generated spaceships. He added a YouTube video on his website showing a build of it.

This prototype video shows the heat element of your ship and how bigger spaceships can detect you if you’re too close and are using your thrusters too much which overheats your ship. The stats of the ships are all randomly generated, so some may be more vigilant than others. The size and layouts of the ships are also randomly generated. If you manage to dock your ship unnoticed, you gain access to the interior of the ship. Aboard the ship you can kill guards and disable the ship.

At the moment there’s no objective, but Francis mentions stealing technology as randomly generated loot or as an objective. He notes that in the next build he will be adding separate systems to the ships that you can disable to help your progress. Later on, gathering intelligence will allow you to seek out ships with advanced technology to steal.

It’s a really interesting little demo. Gunpoint was a really quirky and funny stealth platformer, so it will be interesting to see how he handles a top down stealth game. If you haven’t played Gunpoint and find any of what Tom Francis is doing interesting, then I highly recommend picking up Gunpoint and following his development blog on his website.

Last Updated: February 4, 2014

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