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Guns! Glorious guns! Here’s a look at the handcrafted arsenal of Metro Exodus

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When the apocalypse comes, you can bet that a lot of things are going to vanish. Enjoy driving your car? Well buck up kiddo, because even if you found an entire tanker of fuel sitting out in the middle of nowhere, chances are that the precious liquid within will be more useless than a condom machine at the Vatican as petrol happens to have a shelf life.

Worldwide communication? Say goodbye to the infrastructure supporting that system without a team of engineers to constantly maintain them. Heck, even a fresh loaf of bread will be more valuable than diamonds in that brave new world. One thing that you can count on is having plenty of guns and ammo after the bombs have fallen.

Humanity has a love for guns, there are more bullets in the world than grains of sand on a beach and your new tinfoil hat-wearing neighbor probably has a forge that cranks out ammo on the off chance that you run out of the stuff. Yup, there will be blood in the post-apocalypse, as well as a few unique weapons which showcases humanity’s ability to still find novel ways to murder one another when given the chance.

Upcoming Russian FPS Metro Exodus is well aware of this, and happens to have an entire arsenal of weapons that happen to be based on reliable Jack of all trades icons and more murderous MacGuyvers that were churned out by survivors. See for yourself, in the trailer below. Or the gallery below that, because I’m a nice comrade, da?

For each weapon that we have in the game, I think the creative process goes on for more than a year with each weapon. We’re trying to make these guns out of parts that weren’t meant to be a weapon at all.

Art director Sergei “Karma” Karmalsky

Metro Exodus is out on February 15, although it’ll be facing some stiff competition in the form of Crackdown 3, Far Cry New Dawn and Jump Force. Tough opponents, but publisher Deep Silver ain’t worried at all for the future of this franchise at all.

Last Updated: January 23, 2019

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