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Guy gets dumped by fiancée, pawns wedding ring for Master-Grief Halo armour

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Marriage isn’t the easiest thing to go through. If you’re not busy organising venues, caterers and guests, its finding time to spend several months of your salary on a ring with enough blood diamonds on it to make an activist cry, while your bride to be goes into a full-on wedding mode trance that cannot be broken.

Of course, during this process, you might just realize that this is not the life for you, that you don’t actually want to be married to this person. And when you’re stuck with an expensive wedding ring and suddenly find out that your bride to be has dumped you, you do the only sensible thing you know.

You pawn that sucka and spend the cash on a kickass suit of Halo Mjolnir armour.

I’d wanted the suit for so long, and after such epic heartbreak, receiving each piece of armour—arriving in seven shipments, over the course of eight months-became an unintentionally cathartic process”, said the recovering Eric Smith.

“As the shoulders, forearms, chest-piece, and helmet arrived slowly, one section at a time… well, with each part I got a small piece of myself back.”

I really don’t blame the guy, especially in the cruel manner that his ex-fiancée let him know about the affair that she was having, and everybody has their own way of dealing with such a shock and sadness.

Oh well, I’m just glad that I didn’t need such grief to get started on making my batsuit…

Last Updated: November 18, 2011

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