H1Z1 is a free to play, massively multiplayer Zombie game

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I’m a huge Walking Dead fan but I’ve noticed in recent months that the number of fellow fans have been dropping like flies and the grumblings about zombies in games have been getting louder.

So it was with quite some surprise when I saw that SOE’s newest game is yet another Zombie survival game. As expected it’s another Massively Multiplayer Online game and will apparently be free to play, I’m sure with some possible micro-transactions.

You are dropped in a post apocalyptic world which is in ruins and your typical undead zombies are wandering around. Taking a slight change from the standard lore is that the zombies are pretty quick in this game but at the same time they aren’t very smart and are much scarier at night.

You need to survive against the zombies and other players and apparently the world will be a living breathing entity. You can team up with other players and build forts to defend or take over vehicles to get across large areas quickly.

Each zombie has its own AI so every one you meet will apparently react differently. Though when their goal is to eat you I can’t see how many different ways that could play out.

H1Z1 is coming to PC’s, obviously, but they have hinted that it may land on PlayStation as well in the near future.

Has Sony Online Entertainment come to the party late here or is a corporate backed DayZ what many people have been waiting for?

So far the game looks pretty good and it’s still early days so hopefully this will evolve into something incredible.


Last Updated: April 10, 2014

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