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Half Life 3 confirmed… to not be a VR game

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Oh Half Life 3, when will the internet just give up on you? Not today, I’ll tell you that. It seems that the desperation to see the series completed is still so strong even after all these years, and considering that numerous games thought to be forever lost to development have been announced this year, I guess it makes sense that those holding out hope might be wondering about Half Life 3.

And I guess this is a new bit of information about it. Maybe.

At EGX, Valve’s Chet Faliszeck was talking about Virtual Reality. He explained that VR headsets won’t be going wireless anytime soon because of the bandwidth problems – two screens that need to refresh 90 times a second requires cables at this point.

Then it was Q&A time and one member of the audience asked if Half Life 3 would be a VR game.

This might have been a cheeky question, but it does sort of fit with rumors that were going around recently when Valve revealed its own VR headset; people assumed that if they were jumping on the VR bandwagon, this might be a sign that Half Life 3 was in the works as an exclusively VR launch title.

Faliszeck’s answer?


But wait internet, let’s read more into this. Something that doesn’t exist, might get an answer more akin to “we haven’t decided” or “anything is possible in development” or whatever else.

Instead, he answered with an unequivocal “No”. For something to not have specific traits, it has to exist, right? And thus, Half Life 3 has been confirmed via inference and extrapolation, just as the internet expects.

Last Updated: September 25, 2015

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