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Half of Australia will be bunking work after the PS4 launch

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Oi, Mr Prime Minister!

Ever had a new piece of technology in your hands that you just cannot wait to plug in at home, but instead found yourself staring at it while doing work? We’ve all been there, and on December 13 that feeling is going to be magnified with the Playstation 4. At least our Australian gaming counterparts are prepared with sick notes for their PS4 launch.

A recent poll from SCE Australia revealed that more than half of potential new owners will be coming down with 24 hour flu on Friday. Of the 1278 employed people polled, 52% said that they would be taking Friday off after the midnight launch.

“The PS4 launch is set to be the biggest in our industry’s history,” SCE Australia managing director Michael Ephraim said to VG247.

This is not only because of the volume of Australians that have been clamouring to get their hands on one this side of Christmas, but now also because of the expectation of a huge number of gamers planning to stay home and play with their new PS4 on Friday. Sounds to me likes it’s almost a national play day.

I’m pretty certain that there will be plenty of doctor’s certificates circulating around offices come this side of the ocean, next month. I’d bunk off as well, but the downside to me being genuinely healthy and having never taken a sick day off in the least two years means that the crew at LG will never ever believe me.

That, and I shouldn’t have signed my note as “Regards, Mrs Darryn’s Mom”.

Last Updated: November 28, 2013

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