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Hallelujah! Valve have rebalanced the R8 Revolver in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Literally how big and overpowered the R8 was

I’ve only just recently become reacquainted with Counter-Strike and hot damn, am I addicted! CS: Source was the first competitive game I played online all those years ago, and it’s been a lot of fun getting back into the swing of things again now with Global Offensive. I’ve been slowly relearning exactly how each weapon works, and just when I thought I had them all down, Valve threw another one into the mix.

When I first got wind of the R8 Revolver, I was genuinely excited. It seemed like the perfect new weapon – one that would sit with the others nicely, and not break Counter-Strike in any way whatsoever.

It didn’t take me long however, to realise just how overpowered and annoying the damn thing was. The first competitive game I played saw everybody using the weapon sparingly, as they weren’t too sure exactly how strong it was. As the day progressed though, it became pretty apparent just how broken the R8 Revolver was, and it wasn’t long before people were choosing it over a rifle, or an AWP.

Angry fans took to Reddit to voice their disgust. The R8 Revolver either had to go, or it needed some serious rebalancing. Valve opted for the latter, and thankfully, applied changes to the weapon rather swiftly:

While it typically takes more time to generate enough data to drive an update (and gameplay updates are always a bit disruptive), in this case it’s clear that we got the damage wrong and can respond immediately. So today we’re updating the R8 Revolver to bring its values to be more in line with other weapons: among other changes, its damage has been reduced and it takes slightly longer to fire.

Hallelujah! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. Hopefully the R8 Revolver will no longer be a one-shot, one-kill murder device, and instead, people will have to really mull over whether they want it or the Desert Eagle in their loadout.


Last Updated: December 11, 2015


  1. I’ve tested the R8 last night in a couple of casuals. I guess my Revolver was broken since all my shots did either 97 damage or 99. Only time i killed somebody was either at point blank or the illusive headshot.


    • Ottokie

      December 11, 2015 at 11:40

      Hold right mouse then reload, 100% accuracy next shot 😛


    • hairyknees

      December 11, 2015 at 12:34

      No no, the same shit happened to me. I ALWAYS did less than 100 damage, but when I was shot with the damn thing, I received like 100-120 >_< SO GODDAM ANNOYING!


    • Tahkuri

      December 11, 2015 at 14:18

      then you didn’t shoot the upper body


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