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Halloween costume options for gamers

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It may not be one of our official holidays, but we do love Halloween here in SA. If we’re not stealing candy from naive kids out trick or treating, then we’re most likely at a bar watching a costume contest, where ladies dress up as slutty anythings. Who would have thought a nurse outfit that was two sizes too tight could be so appealing?

Right now, it’s probably too late to snag any decent costume, with the majority of them having been booked already for the weekend. Still, you can prepare yourself for next years halloween, and what better way to do so than with an outfit inspired by your favourite gaming icons?

Master Chief Costume


Nothing says intergalactic badass space marine soldier like the Master Chief, and now you too can be him. Or at least pretend to be a reasonable facsimile of his legendary might. That Mjolnir armour doesn’t come cheap however, so expect to shell out at least close to R6000 for a kit.

Or alternatively, you can buy the cheaper armour, and have everyone laugh at your ill-proportioned outfit.


Princess Peach Costume


Ladies, do you want to get back at your jerky boyfriend or significant other? Then this is the outfit for you! It’s elegant, cute and retro, and the best bit? Let your partner see it before hand, tell him the party will be at a castle, and when he arrives, he’ll only find a note telling him that you’re in another castle. See, revenge can be awesome!

Pac-Man costume kit


What’s that? You’ve got friends who want to join in on the fun? Then cast your eyes on this set of Pac-Man costumes, featuring everybody’s favourite pill-popper and a group of multi-coloured ghosts who are out to get him. You could even make a game out of this, with beers acting as power-pills, allowing for you to jump on top of your pals, while they’re allowed to attack you from behind while you down shots.

Assassins Creed Costume


Feel like something a little classier? Well then how about sporting some threads featuring the Florentine assassin himself, Ezio Auditore? There are plenty of shops on eBay offering a variety of outfits from that universe, and you can bet that your cash will be greatly appreciated by the Chinese cosplay sweatshops that churn these outfits out.

Hidden Blade, poison darts, and smoke bombs not included. But I know a guy who might be able to get you those “accessories”…

Mortal Kombat Costumes


Who’s you favourite ninja? Sure, there are plenty of Sub-Zero and Scorpion costumes out there, but fortuantely, other characters have been covered (barely) as well. Costume options for the trio of lady ninja kombatants are available for those brave enough to wear such revealing outfits, while other, less popular characters such as Ermac and Raiden also have outfits for sale on various websites.

I want to dress up as Jax however, and my budget is tight, so I’m just going to stick to gym pants and tin-foil arms.

Devil May Cry costume


Well, your hair has gone white decades before it was supposed to. You’ve still got your pretty boy looks at least, but just once, you’d like to look a bit more normal. At least that’s why there are Devil May Cry costumes on the market!

If you’re going to slay demons and vampires, then Dante is the de facto character to dress up as, as well as provide you with a legitimate excuse to attack anyone that is sporting a Twilight costume. Hey, you were in “character”.

Final Fantasy Cloud Strife Costume


How many years has been it now, and Final Fantasy 7 is still seen as one of the top games ever made in the franchise? When it comes to protagonists, fans seem to have a mad-on crush for the solemn Cloud, to a point where Square-Enix has featured him in extra games, films and various other merchandise.

So, if you have a love for ridiculously unbalanced swords and brooding around, then maybe this might be the character for you to dress up as. Massive sword not included.

Bonus! A costume you will never have, Batmans’ Arkham City Outfit!


Some guys are so dedicated, they’ll got insane lengths to recreate the thing they love, as is the case with this accurate reproudction of the outfit worn by the dark Knight, straight from the blockbuster games Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.

It’s not for sale, but damn, it is pretty.

There’s still plenty more outfits out there, so experiment with your wardrobe, and you might just make a dapper Nathan Drake for Halloween. Or you could give your weekly shave a miss, put on some red undies and go as Zangief.

Last Updated: October 27, 2011

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