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Halo 3 and ShadowRun to win the war?

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Rob Enderle has written a very interesting article for digitaltrends.com where he speaks about the possibility of Halo 3 and ShadowRun being the big difference between the Xbox 360 and the PS3 in this generation.

Whilst I am not with him entirely on those two I do find some of his other points very interesting…

On Nintendo

Nintendo is playing to the beat of a different drummer right now and I don’t see these latest efforts from Microsoft having much impact. Nintendo is more physical and tends to play to a younger crowd. Nintendo also has a very attractive price point so they should be able to sleep easy while continuing to enjoy an impressive sales ramp.

Everyone seems to be in agreement at the moment that Nintendo are no longer part of the same war since their strategy is so different…. Great move by Nintendo.

On Sony

Sony is in trouble if these games take off. They don’t even do multi-player that well yet, MMOGs are well out of their reach and they have effectively blocked every attempt their PC unit has made to work with their game platform. This creates the very real possibility that Sony PC users will be more likely to choose an Xbox 360 over Playstation 3 if they want to experience cross-platform play. 

This is the same with the Media Center – the Xbox will extend a Sony Media Center but a Playstation will just treat it as another PC with limited capabilities. This seems like they put interdivisional rivalry in front of competitiveness and that’s just silly. And, if Shadowrun is good, and it looks like it is very good, that’s also going to hurt Sony a lot.

Sony needs to sort out it’s online multiplayer abilities quickly otherwise Rob’s predictions may very well come true.

Link to Halo 3 Will Put Xbox 360 Further Ahead of PS3 – Talk Back – Digital Trends

Last Updated: April 13, 2007

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