Halo 3 Co-op and graphics

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Gamespot has a very nice graphical comparison between Halo 2 and Halo 3 on their site currently…

Check here

There has been a lot of noise about how the Halo 3 graphics are not much of an improvement over the Halo 2 graphics and all that. Well first off it’s a Beta so the graphics are not refined yet and secondly check the comparison site above and you will see a huge difference between the two…

Halo 3 is much more realistic and you start to see how bad Halo 2 was after comparing the two. I think the first image comparing the difference in the trees is the most compelling of all.

After you have finished looking at the eye candy then have a think about 4 player co-op in the Halo 3 campaign mode…. Nothing has been confirmed yet but the rumours are floating around about it and it does sound good.

I hope they developed it from the ground up with co-op play in mind, much in the same way Gears did… Co-op adds an entirely new angle to a game and actually prolongs the use of a single player mode.

After messing around in the Halo 3 beta I am now completely hooked again and September cannot come fast enough.

Last Updated: May 21, 2007

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