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Halo 3 Hits The 1 Billion Mark

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Bungie were very proud to announce this week that on Saturday evening, Halo 3 dished up it’s one billionth online game.

That’s really insane if you think about it, and while checking the statistics that Bungie had posted up I found a few more disturbing ones as well. The total amount of time that players have spent playing Halo 3 is just staggering.

With the current rough estimates that Bungie have worked out, there has been a total of, get this… 64 000 years or 2,300,000 days of playtime on their servers.

Holy Crap!

Now, the way the stats work is that if 10 people played a game for 10 minutes, the total amount of time logged is 100 minutes, with each persons playtime adding to the total.

Even knowing that, it’s pretty incredible to think that so much time has been spent tea-bagging gamers and stealing other peoples kills. Incredible. The scary thing is that Halo 3 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so we can expect those stats to reach even more astronomical heights in future.

I don’t know if Bungie will be counting ODST, but if it does then the stats are just gonna keep climbing and climbing for a long time to come.

Source: Bungie.net

Last Updated: March 4, 2009

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