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Halo 4 Dev Diary

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Halo is a bit of a strange franchise in South Africa with the locals never really taking to it as well as the Americans have but at the same time the local Halo community is still very vocal about their love for the Chief and the universe he inhabits.

I for one love the whole story behind Halo and really want to love each game that comes out in the series but while the single player always fulfils me I can just never really get into the multiplayer aspect as much as I would like to.

Which is really odd as I’m actually pretty good at the multiplayer side but it doesn’t have that addictiveness that I find in other games.

Having said that however I am once again getting excited for the single player experience that awaits us in Halo 4 and this new 10 minute developer diary discussing the story arch and enemies is just the perfect way to start the Halo 4 experience for me.

Last Updated: September 13, 2012

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