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Halo 4 is just the start of a ten year saga, says 343 Industries

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BBC News "Man killed by xbox". Oh well, at least he'll be playing Halo for real.

Halo’s 1-3 are pretty much a series of games that defined the Xbox, and allowed it to grow. Culminating with a third core title on the Xbox 360, we thought that we’d seen the last of Master-Chief.

Halo ODST, Reach, and the catholic spin-off, Halo Preach have filled the Covenant killing void in recent years, with Microsoft announcing at E3 last year that Halo 4 was in the works, as part of a new cycle that they have dubbed, “The Reclaimer Trilogy”.

It’s a bold plan, one that will presumably stretch once again over gaming platforms, as 343 Industries spoke about how the next trilogy was mapped out over ten years.

“Story is funny because I’ve been thinking about where the Halo story goes for ten years. And even as a fan, I wonder, ‘what’s gonna happen next?’,” 343 Industries’ Frank O’Connor said to Gameinformer.

We have things mapped out pretty far, probably about ten years, but they’re pretty vague, they’re big plot points. We think that X wlll happen, we think Y will happen, we think they should go visit Z.

There’s a danger that you’ll get granular in your planning because if this was a novel, you could just write an end. But it’s not a novel.

New technology appears and give you new opportunities, pieces of the sandbox end up being less or more popular than you might have expected. And so the constant shift in reality, never mind the technology of the gameplay content, should be the thing that defines your gameplay universe.

Earlier this week, we got a sexy glimpse at the cover for Halo 4 and what to expect in the limited edition, and so far, the game looks stunning.

It also speaks volumes about Microsoft, about how much faith they have in 343 Industries to develop a game that could eclipse the originals, that they’ve planned so far ahead already.

Although the downside to ten more years of Halo, means that’ we’ll have to endure ten more years of prepubescent screeching on our headsets during a match.

Halo 4 launches in November. 

Last Updated: May 17, 2012

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