Halo 4 requires an install.. onto anything though

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I hate console installs, I’m not going to drag that dead horse up and flog it again you are more than free to use the search bar on the right to relive my hate… and so it is with great dismay that we can confirm that Halo 4 does in fact require a 8Gb install to experience it.

This obviously brings up a major issue as the base model of the Xbox 360 only comes with 4Gb which is exactly half of the mandatory install size required by Halo 4 leading many people to claim that this is simply an attempt at making people pay for overpriced proprietary hardware.

Well Microsoft have now revealed that while you do have to install 8Gb’s to get the game to work you are not forced to buy their overpriced merchandise and can use any flash drive you have lying around to get it to work.

It’s better than nothing I guess but I still believe allowing installs is the worst thing that has happened in this generation.

Last Updated: November 1, 2012

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