Halo : Combat Evolved HD Remake Coming in November?

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Those rumours of a HD remake of revolutionary console FPS Halo : Combat Evolved are beginning to gain some credence. According to Joystiq, the game will be smacking retail upside the head with a plasma sword on November 15 this year, 10 years to the day after the legendary shooter graced the original Xbox.

It’s believed to be under development by Saber Interactive, the studio responsible for TimeShift, under attentive eye of Microsoft’s Halo studio, 343 Industries. By the sounds of it, it won’t be a mere upscaled port, like the recent re-releases seen on Sony’s Playstation 3.

While the audio will likely remain intact, the game’s art assets and engine will be redone, beefing up the original’s spartan pixel count(oh ho!).  Though it’s apparently not built on bungie’s excellent Halo : Reach engine, it’s expected to run at 1080p, and feature 3D for those who’ve adopted the still wildly expensive tech. There’s little word as yet on the all important multiplayer, but it’s expected to have online co-op, as well as matchmaking.

While this should all be taken with a grain of salt at the moment, a re-release of the first game makes sense for two reasons; Microsoft have expressed an interest in Activisioning the title by annualising it – and remakes of old favourites is probably one of the easiest ways to do that. It would also give new fans to the series a jumping point from Reach, which serves as a prequel to Combat Evolved.

It’s a polarising idea, with some moaning that remakes are simple cash-ins, while fans are chomping at the bit for a chance to re-experience the original – and arguably best – in the series. I’m somewhat divided. If it’s a full-priced retail game I’ll likely give it a miss; I’m not a fan of first-person shooters or the original game’s culturally significant multiplayer. If it’s budget-priced, or available as a cheap download, I’ll be waiting, ready to be ripped to shreds by your pink mist.

Source : Joystiq

Last Updated: February 7, 2011

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