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Halo: Past, present and future are all detailed in this documentary

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I don’t know about you guys, but most documentaries suck lately. Whether its Michael Moore wobbling his fatass around while pretending to be sincere, or some sort of wacky conspiracy short film that tries to present made up statistics as hard evidence, most documentaries just aren’t worth the effort to watch nowadays. Except for this hour long film on the history of Bungie Software, which chronicles twenty years of their history.

Brave new World details how exactly Bungie became the powerhouse developer it is today, having developed games such as Marathon and Myth for the PC, before moving on to the Halo franchise and becoming a household name with gamers.

While the documentary is mostly about the history of bungie, the last couple of minutes also provide some insight into what the company is working on next, for those of you who are eager to see what exactly Project Tiger is all about.

Watch the hour long video below for a behind the scenes look at how some of your favourite video games were created.


Source: Gameinformer


Last Updated: August 5, 2011

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