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Halo Reach Beta – Invasion Playlist Added

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The Halo Reach Beta has been running for a week now but as most of you know, Bungie are adding new playlists over the course of the beta. You can get our impressions of the first week of beta pwnage here to find out what we thought pre-Invasion.

The Invasion playlist was made available from this past weekend and also comes with access to a brand new map. While the previous playlists sought to deliver on the original Halo flavour with Free for All and Versus modes, Invasion mixes things up a little.

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The standard Invasion mode is basically a mode that can easily be compared to the rush mode seen in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Along with it comes a new map that, combined with the new mode, opens up in sections as teams progress through the game.

The attacking team of Elites need to meet objectives such as capturing points to continue, while the Spartans are charged with defending their points. When the first points are taken, the map opens up and the game moves on.

The great thing about Invasion is that vehicles have been placed on the map, and are now more essential than ever. Each team has different loadouts available to them, that also change as the game moves on to new locations.

So what you have is essentially a Halo/Battlefield experience, and fans of both of those titles will be thrilled at its addition.

Along with the normal Invasion mode, is Invasion Slayer which essentially has teams duking it out for control points. When a point is controlled it opens up weapon and vehicle drops.

The new modes are doing a good job of showing off what Halo Reach will be to it’s fans and casual gamers alike, and even though the enemies (who were obviously using cheats, hacks and all sorts of other cheap tactics) kept pwning my vehicles hard, it was still a lot of fun.

More modes will be opened up soon, so stay tuned for more info.

Last Updated: May 10, 2010


  1. I played about 8 games of normal Invasion this weekend, and not once did the Elites even come close to beating the Spartans. I think it’s because when attacking as Elites, you actually have to use proper teamwork and planning, and we all know how well that normally works out in a lobby consisting of international fucktards.


  2. Potty391

    May 10, 2010 at 15:18

    Its hard to find games with other South Africans in, so can you guys all invite me as a friend on Xbox Live so I can see when Reach is being played? (Gamertag: Potty391 )


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