Halo Reach Gets Space Combat

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While MGS : Rising may have been the only retail game that got me drooling, new footage of Halo Reach has sparked interest in a game I had no interest in previously. I’ve said numerous times that while I enjoyed the 4 player co-op, Halo 3 just didn’t excite me – but reach is starting to make me a believer.

Why? Purely because of the new inclusion of space combat! Yes, I’m easy to please that way. Seriously though, have a look at the end of the E3 trailer, and tell me that doesn’t look cool. now imagine that with three friends. Hell yeah. I’m still largely uninterested in the multiplayer, because being repeatedly assaulted with a barrage of racial and homophobic epithets from the mouth of an anonymous pre-pubescent isn’t my idea of a good time.

Still, lots of pew pew pewing to be done in space!

Last Updated: June 15, 2010

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