Halo Recon TGS Trailer

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Remember all the chaos caused over the fact that the trailer Bungie released for the Halo 3 expansion pack – Recon, really didn’t show much? Well now we have a proper trailer, the first half (and change) of the video is what we’ve seen in the past, with a city being bombarded, pods falling from the sky, and the Superintendent.

But then we get into the second half of the trailer with plenty of new stuff to make any Halo fan giddier than a little kid on Christmas morning. An ODST Marine is seen crawling out of the wreckage of his pod carrying a weapon that looks to be a suppressed SMG or modified Battle Rifle of some sort.

A Covenant ship can be seen flying overhead, presumably searching for any survivors from the attack. The Marine looks from his concealed location to see a pack of armored Brutes walking along in the same direction the Covenant ship was flying in. Following this, the Marine walks out onto the road and sees a large screen that briefly displays several messages, including “Keep Right,” “Proceed With Caution,” and what looks to be “Keep It Clean” – the Superintendent’s famous motto.

It’s time for theories to start flying. There’s no indication that you’ll be playing in a squad, which the ODST-starring Halo game was rumored to focus on. But it does seem like we’ll be seeing at least one new weapon, a fight against the Covenant, and a new hero.

I’m not the world biggest halo fan but I’m always keen for some more co-op action, I do however believe the attach rate of this “expansion pack” will be big but will depend heavily on price. Halo 3: Recon will be out sometime in Fall 2009.

Last Updated: October 9, 2008

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