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Halo turns another innocent child into a violent killer

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PetricSome shocking news is coming in from the States where yet another perfectly normal innocent child has been turned into a violent killer by the despicable deadly videogame, Halo.

As the story goes, Daniel Petric’s parents had decided that the had been playing too much Halo 3 on his Ekcsbox 360 and had decided to lock the game up in a strong box.

Daniel then broke into the strongbox and removed his beloved game and his fathers pistol, he then calmly walked into his parents room, asked them to close their eyes as he had a surprise for them and proceeded to blow their brains out.

Now I ask you, how can a perfectly normal child be so badly affected by a game that has had absolutely no affect on the other 8 million people playing it regularly?

It looks like the judge is going to through out the insanity plea for this moron and sentence him to a very long time in prison with Bubba and his mates.

Daniel’s about to get a whole new understanding of Master Chief

The really sad part here, apart from the death of his mother and maiming of his father, is that every Jack Thompson wannabee is going to be jumping on this bandwagon and I can just see Daniel getting off due to these characters warped sense of justice.

The guy murdered his mother and tried to kill his dad, he doesn’t need defending or excuses, he needs to be locked up for life. I personally believe in capital punishment but that is for a different blog.

Source: BBC News

Last Updated: January 14, 2009

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