Halo Wars Gameplay Footage – And a lot of it

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Youtube user NextGenReport has posted up a string of videos showing off a total of 35 minutes of gameplay from the up and coming Xbox 360 RTS, Halo Wars.

From the video it is clear to see that the overall feel of the interface and music are sticking very closely to that of the FPS series, which is probably a wise idea considering how much the fans love things the way they are.

The cutscenes are pretty impressive and seem to add to the story quite nicely, as for the gameplay and controls, it’s looking pretty good at the moment to be honest, but I really want to try the controls out for myself before deciding on anything.

I must be honest, I had no good expectations for Halo Wars, but hopefully I am proven wrong.

Check out the link below for all the videos:


Last Updated: January 30, 2009

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