Halo Wars Gets Official Release Date

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Anyone looking forward to Halo Wars, the new Xbox 360 RTS set in the Halo universe will be happy to know that we finally have a confirmed date for the games release.

Microsoft have confirmed that Halo Wars will be hitting European shelves ( so it should be ours as well) on the 27th of February 2009, meaning that the beginning of next year may not be as much of a gaming drought as we initially thought.

The question is, will it actually be any good?

The Command & Conquer games from EA have shown that RTS’s can work on console, albeit not nearly as well as on the PC and the latest RTS offering from Ubisoft, Endwar, took a completely new direction with a voice command system that was almost flawless but ultimately kept the game a little too simple.

The Halo brand is already huge on the Xbox 360 so there is no doubt that many fans are going to be rushing out to buy it, question is, should we be one of them? We will have to wait for more previews on the game before we can come to any conclusions.

Source: Strategy Informer

Last Updated: December 9, 2008

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