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Handling a car in Mafia 3 is all about “Hollywood action driving”

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The late 1960s and 1970s of American history was a turbulent time. Rampant racism, the controversy over the war in Vietnam and a visibly corrupt government had many US citizens up in arms. But it’s also an age which gave birth to something else: The muscle car. American vehicles, with enough V8 power to burn a hole through the ozone layer and then some.

This was an era where horses ran wild under the hood and car bodies boasted a level of sexiness that few vehicles have been able to emulate ever since. And while Mafia 3 is going to be an action game with some heavy ideas regarding race, gangsterism and family, it’s also going to be the kind of game that wants to make driving feel real yet accessible.

“So in Mafia III we’re trying to achieve something that we call Hollywood action driving, which is this feeling that you’re pretty much a stunt driver in a Hollywood movie,” design director Matthias Worch said in a Mafia III development diary video.


It’s very much inspired by 60’s driving movies like Bullitt. It’s this feeling that you’re really good at driving but you’re still sitting in a real car. And that car  has mass, it has inertia, it’s actually correctly modelled. It’s created by designers who actually have degrees in this kind of engineering. So as you’re sitting in this car, you feel like this thing has weight. You can use it to drift around corners, you can slam into things.

And even as you’re driving around the world which has different surfaces, you might be in the Bayou which has wet dirt, you might be on gravel, you might be on asphalt, all of that actually effects the car and you can feel that seep into the way you’re driving.

I’m sort of hoping that the Gumball Rally will also be an influence on the way cars handle, but I doubt that the 2K team has a Raul Julia tattoo like I do. Mafia III is currently scheduled for an October release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Last Updated: May 9, 2016

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