Hands On – Call of Duty: World at War

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Yesterday I was fortunate enough to be one of a few South African journalists that were given some hands-on time with the latest installment in the Call of Duty series.

If you didn’t know by now, World at War takes us back to the battlefields of World War II once again, stripping us of all the fancy gadgets and accessories that we had become so accustomed to in COD: Modern Warfare.

Was going back to WW2 a good move or have the people from Activision just made a very big mistake? Find out, after the jump.

To kicks things off, the game starts with a pretty violent introduction, putting you in the eyes of a prisoner of war that is about to take his last breaths after a hefty interrogation session. Everything takes a bit of a better turn when a squad of soldiers barge in to save the day. You are handed a helmet and some weapons and thrown straight into a pretty chaotic escape attempt. Awesome.

As much as I wanted to focus on how Treyarch had approached the gameplay and the World War II setting, I couldn’t help but gawk at how incredibly beautiful everything looked and how smooth it was running. The COD 4 engine has done its job, that’s for sure.

Anyone who has spent some time with COD 4 will instantly feel comfortable with the controls as they are laid out exactly the same, not to mention that people in WW2 have finally found out how to run. It’s about damn time. While we are forced to lay down our ACOG scoped M16’s and G36’s you won’t miss them for long as the guns still have the same solid feeling that we have come to expect from a COD title and there is still a definite amount of satisfaction to be had when you pop a soldier in that space between his helmet and his chin.

The gameplay feels incredibly similar to COD 4, if not exactly the same and to tell you the truth, it put a smile on my face. This title seems to be exactly what a lot of COD fans have wanted… more COD. The enemy is a little different this time around though. Ambushes, Booby-traps and a whole bunch of other scandalous techniques will be used against you, so watch out.

All in all I can tell you that from the experience that I had with COD: World at War, I can only assume that unless they do something really stupid in the final release, we may have a winner. Throw in the new addition of 4 player cooperative play and I find it hard to find a reason to ignore this title when it releases on November 11.

Last Updated: September 12, 2008

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