Hands on with Disney Infinity 3.0 – It’s getting Hoth in here

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There has been a disturbance in the Force. Between the light…and the dark. Plus check out my super-awesome new figures Lord Vader! PSSHHHHH BHHZZZZZZZ SHHHHWWHWHWHHHHWWWHH!

Star Wars Infinity (3)

That’s pretty much the feeling that I got from the year three content of Disney Infinity. The first game introduced plenty of Disney originals, while last year saw the Marvel license get some love with a superhero pack that included the likes of Iron Man, Spider-Man and Black Widow.

All Marvel heavyweights, which also resulted in a completely reworked action package when developer Ninja Theory was hired to help fine-tune the combat of that game.

Star Wars Infinity (1)

That studio returns for Disney Infinity 3.0, in order to help bring balance to the Force. And it’s making the action feel better than ever. I got some hands-on time over at E3 with Disney Infinity 3.0, playing a few stages as the best Jedi, Ahsoka Tano in the Twilight Of The Republic playset. On the surface, it’s not too dissimilair from Disney Infinity 2.0’s Guardians of the Galaxy playset, with familiar assets being re-used.

There’s still plenty of new content however in the visual department, as the stage saw Ahsoka take on various Trade Federation droids, such as the battle fodder B1 models and the surprisingly competent B2 super droids. But it’s the combat that feels fresher and updated here.

Disney Infinity 3.0 is essentially Ninja Theory’s Devil May Cry, but on a simpler level. And with lightsabers. OH YEAH!

There’s a wealth of new combos on offer here for Jedi characters, utilising the Force and lightsaber attacks. You can properly juggle enemies, throw in extra slashes and slam them down for bonus damage. Block-breakers, special attacks and charge moves are all back as well.

It’s all rather satisfyingly sweet, with a Disney Infinity rep explaining to me that while kids could still mash away and get through a level, older fans would have a deeper system to utilise.

Star Wars Infinity (2)

It’s not massively deep, but deep enough. A rather nice compromise between demographics. As for the other Jedi and rogues of Star Wars, I was given a tour of the art design of the game. The approach in Disney Infinity as I was shown, was not to make a Harrison Ford dressed as Han Solo figure, for example. It was to make a Disney Infinity version of Solo, which may include some visual nods to his actor.

It may sound confusing, but it made to sense to me, as the figure had a certain roguish charm to it, as well as some of that trademark arrogance. An idea which echoed across the rest of the line.

Boba Fett looked mysterious and cool, Sabine looked deadly but fun and Chewbacca looked GRAAAAAAAAARRRAAARRGGHHHHLLLL!

Disney Infinity 3.0 won’t be a massive change from what has already come before it. But I’ve got a good feeling that it’ll be a welcome home for a franchise that fans that have been waiting for. The Force feels familiar and strong here.

Last Updated: June 25, 2015

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