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Hands-on with the Final Fantasy XV Platinum demo

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FF Platinum (1)

Demos are a rarity these days. If there’s a game that you’re looking forward to trying before buying, then you’re out of luck 90% of the time as developers aren’t exactly interested in doing anything beyond a open beta before launch. Not so with Final Fantasy XV, as Square Enix is looking to keep the momentum rolling before the September 30 launch of the latest in the Roman numeral series with a small taste of what’s to come.

That’s where the Platinum demo comes into play. Free and open for all, it’s a 4.5 gigabyte download that is more of a technical showcase than an actual gameplay experience. But it’s still something to gawk at. I mean, just look at it in action:

It’s a tech demo, a display of pride in the XV’s visuals–which are, admittedly, impressive. Light and shadow play across Noctis’ face as he moves through the dreamscape. Animal fur ruffles in a light breeze. Crystals glimmer radioactively and every freckle, every dimple can be seen when we zoom in on our hero. It looks gorgeous.

FF Platinum (7)

Don’t have time to watch? Well here’s the rundown. You’re playing as the child version of Final Fantasy XV protagonist Noctis, who happens to be in the deepest of sleeps right now because reasons. Something is keeping you from waking up, but luckily, you’ve got a dream guide in the form of series staple Carbuncle to help you out of this pinch.

FF Platinum (6)

The Platinum demo is a standalone experience, something that you won’t see in the final game. And it shows. Combat is light until a boss encounter at the very end where you can dip into a proper arsenal that isn’t dependent on toy swords on squeaky hammers. It’s a bit of a deep dive for anyone who never picked up the Duscae demo but it shows potential as an iron steroid rage giant with a sword the size of a supermarket pummels you, and is one hell of a teaser until September.

But technically? Final Fantasy XV is quite a marvel. I played it on the Xbox One, but the effects were gorgeous. Watching the weather change when plates were stepped on, impressively flawless character models, clothing that doesn’t feel like it has bonded to your skin and some cool magical effects. The environments themselves are gorgeous, an interactive piece of art even.

FF Platinum (3)

It’s a quick demo however, so brace yourselves. It’s easily clockable in under half an hour, although a few secrets will lengthen your interest. Possibly. That, and you can name Carbuncle as an exclusive summon when Final Fantasy XV ships. Just like I did:

FF Figgy

It’s a small taste of what’s to come, but it does taste delicious so far.

Last Updated: March 31, 2016

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