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Hard Reset developer says “Mainstream games are boring”

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Hard Reset, from Polish developers Flying Wild Hog is a cyberpunk FPS that’s more than just a throwback to old-school FPS gaming. It’s a more modern taken on exactly the sort of games that were mainstream 10 to 15 years ago, which makes studio CEO Micha Szustack’s comments on mainstream games so curious.

“All those modern shooters are about terrorists – after playing all those Call Of Duty games, I sometimes feel like I will open my fridge and a terrorist will pop-out to shoot me. Boring!” he said to Gamefront.

“We don’t want to create mainstream games, because those are boring. We made a game for all those who are tired with all the generic anti-terrorist shooters.” Continuing, he said “I believe many players around the world miss those old days and old games.”  “I also think there is too much of these ‘on-rails’ shooters on the market, so sooner or later players will grow tired and will crave something different.”

Hard Reset does look like a heck of a lot of oldschool fun, but calling out mainstream games for being dull, when you’ve made a mainstream game from yesteryear seems a little dickish.

Continuing its etos of eschewing modern shooter conventions, Hard Reset is a single-player only title. “Our entire team worked for two years to prepare the best possible single player experience. We could split our team and we could try adding multiplayer, but that would certainly affect the quality of our single player,” he explained. “Also, it’s rather unlikely that we would create a multiplayer mode that could successfully compete with games focused on multiplayer only. So what’s the point? We believe that by concentrating on a single goal – an old-school single-player experience we are sure we can deliver for the gamers’ satisfaction – is more important.”

Flying Wild Hog’s Hard Reset will be available on September 13 for $29.99, through your digital distribution channel of choice.

Last Updated: August 31, 2011

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